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Positive Attitude = Positive Result – Job Hunting in the Credit Crunch

Christmas is fast approaching, your normal expenditure rises, you start putting more on your credit cards and then your boss tells you that they have to make your role redundant.

Your emotions go crazy you feel angry, disbelief that this is happening to you, upset and worried about your future. Well now it is time for POSITIVE THINKING.

A reality of the current economic climate is that redundancy is becoming an everyday word and many of us will have been affected or will have friends and relatives who are being made redundant.

As a recruitment professional I meet with lots of individuals who are experiencing redundancy at the moment and I have put together some TOP TIPS to securing alternative employment during this difficult time.

  • Be flexible in your overall expectations in terms of salary and the type of role you are looking for without selling yourself short. Maybe this is the right time to do something completely different with your career and transfer your skill set to a new environment or different role.
  • Create a clear and concise CV. Your CV is the first opportunity you have to sell yourself to a future employer so it is worth putting the effort into the content and format (generally maximum of 2 pages)
  • Create a CV that honestly reflects your capability and experience. Over a third of people endure sleepless nights before an interview due to lies on their CV, according to a new survey.
  • Consider taking on some temporary work. More and more employers are recruiting temporary staff at the moment as this does not constitute additional headcount. And how many people do you know that started in a temp job and then got made permanent – I bet you could name a few?
  • Think about using the services of a Recruitment Agency to assist you with your job hunt. Many jobs don’t actually get advertised as they are given directly to agencies so they may have opportunities that you would never know about. Do your homework when choosing what agencies you register with and make sure that they actually specialize in the type of work you want and are not a ‘jack of all trades’.
  • Do your preparation prior to an interview. Many candidates fail at interview simply because they don’t bother to research anything about the company – stay ahead of your competition and use the internet to find out as much background information as possible.
  • Use your network and let people know you are looking for work. This is a very powerful tool after all for every one conversation you have it will be passed on to at least 5 other people!
  • Dress to impress! 1st impressions go a long way and you don’t have to spend a fortune on a designer suit. A simple black suit and smart blouse is a great way to look professional for an interview and remember the more professional you feel the more confident you’ll come across.
  • Be confident in your own ability and go to every interview with a positive attitude. Make sure you listen to the interviewer’s questions carefully and try where possible to give real life examples in your answers in order to demonstrate your capability and knowledge.
  • And finally, GOOD LUCK with you job hunt and remember stay POSITIVE!

Emily Graveson is an Associate Director for Change Recruitment Group in Scotland. Emily has over 11 years experience of working in the recruitment consultancy business and will be involved in writing regular features for Debt Divas in a number of employment issues.

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