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The Emotional Side Of Debt

Kate Judge

My background and experience is in the ‘touchy feely’ areas of psychology, assertive communication and emotional intelligence. I have also been a debtor, bankrupt and debt adviser in that order.

I bring my professional expertise together with my experiences of insolvency to help others going through the stress and devastation that being in debt can cause. I can help with any emotional problems related to debt, bankruptcy, and financial exclusion.

I am really pleased to be working with the other Debt Divas as I see it as the perfect marriage between the emotional and the practical. I only wish that I could have had access to these friendly, approachable professionals when I was going through my own debt challenges as my journey would have been much more comfortable and nurturing.

I am the author of “Fantasy Island Finances: Shamed by Credit”.

This is one of the very few direct debtor narratives which chronicles how I got into debt, pulled myself out of financial denial, survived bankruptcy, faced the pain of financial exclusion and finally achieved successful financial management. Details of the book can be accessed via my website:

Fantasy Island Finances



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