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In late 2007 the team now behind developing Debt Divas were discussing (over a glass of wine..... naturally) some issues that beset the debt solutions industry and common observations we made in the course of our work.

Many of our respective clients had told us that it had taken them many months to pluck up the courage to reach out for help and advice on their debt concerns. Unfortunately during those months the problems and stress had typically got worse. Each of us commonly heard the words, “I wish I’d called you months ago”. Some of our clients had told us that they had taken so long to contact us because they felt confused, ashamed, or sometimes fearful of opening their hearts on such a painful issue to a stranger.

A web-forum seemed to be a great answer to some of these problems. Creating anonymous access to experts and others suffering similar concerns seemed a really positive way to help people bypass any confusion, shame or fear that they may be experiencing by creating a safe place to talk.

All of us had heard sad stories of people being advised into entering inappropriate debt solutions by unscrupulous companies. There are thousands of companies in the UK offering IVA’s, Debt Management Plans, Trust Deeds, Bankruptcy Support, Mortgages and Loans. Unfortunately too many of these companies were directing people into the debt solution that they profited from rather than the solution that made the most sense for their client.

A simple answer to this problem seemed to be to create a web-community within which experts and companies representing each of these potential solutions could co-exist and therefore create a neutral and balanced source of advice for visitors.

Finally all of us had noticed that most of the calls and emails we received from potential new clients were from women. We weren’t really sure why, especially as the statistics on debt might suggest that it should be the other way around. However it seems that for whatever reasons women in the UK take the lead in dealing with the debts that their families are experiencing.

The UK debt solutions industry is a notoriously male-dominated environment; something not always attractive to women when facing having to openly discuss the issues that they and their families are experiencing as a result of debt.

There are however some talented but also very human female debt solutions experts in the UK. We wanted to put them together in one place so that those women who prefer to can seek advice regarding their debts from this broad and expert group.

We truly hope that you’ll find Debt Divas to be both informative and supportive. Please remember that this is a community; your contributions to the forum will be appreciated by all and also of huge benefit to those who visit the site in the future

The site debt advice team of is provided by Bright Oak Ltd. All members of the site advice team are professionally qualified and hold the Certificate in Debt Resolution (CertDR). The CertDR qualification is an Edexcel approved Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Debt Resolution. Bright Oak Ltd and Channel Active Ltd are companies connected by common ownership.

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