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Welcome to the forum sara007. It's entirel
Amy Jellings
Another option might be to put the inheritanc
Hi cait13. There are lots of places you ca
Amy Jellings
Thanks for your reply Amy. Where do I go a
Welcome to the forum cait13. If you cannot
Amy Jellings
Hi again. It doesn't sound like you have a
Amy Jellings
My only income is benefits so if they fail my
Thank you for reply. I have exceeded it a lot
Welcome to the forum dawnlougib. I guess t
Amy Jellings
O.K Amy will do that, and thanks for the assi
And to you David. I'd suggest getting in t
Amy Jellings
Thanks for getting back to me Amy. I need to
You don't need to carry on making token payme
Amy Jellings
I live in England Amy, and the Barclaycard de
Thanks David. Do you have any other debts
Amy Jellings

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Women in Debt Advice Forum

Women in debt face confusing decisions about how to resolve their financial difficulties. Many websites and advice lines offer “free debt advice” but are often criticised by the media for advising people towards debt solutions that suit them (rather than their client). The Debt Divas website and debt advice forum was established to assist women in debt by providing access to a variety of experts specialising in all of the major UK debt solutions.

Debt IVA and Debt Management Solutions

A variety of debt solutions exist for women in debt. That’s why Debt Divas has brought together a group of leading women in debt solutions companies of differing types. Each specialises in different debt IVA and debt management solutions. This ensures that the website and forum provides balanced advice in the interests of visitors and readers.

Debt Advice For Women

Our experience of working with women in debt has taught us that women are often the financial decision makers within a household. For this reason it is often the women of a household that will make the first telephone call for debt advice. Debt advice for women is available from many sources however Debt Divas has received great feedback from previous visitors, some of whom tell us that they preferred to seek advice from other women.

Debt Solutions Key Facts

If you proceed with a debt solution such as an IVA or a Debt Management Plan fees will apply. Click Here for further details about debt management plan and IVA fees and the work that is conducted by our featured debt solution providers. Debt management plans may lead to an increase in the overall amount repayable. If you change your mind about starting a debt management plan with our featured company you will have fourteen days to change your mind. Your ability to obtain credit will be affected by most debt solutions. Click Here for details. The Insolvency Service produces a guide to personal debt solutions which explains the various debt solution options. You can read it here: 4 Ways To Get Out Of Debt. You may also wish to read the Money Advice Services guide to free debt help here. Calls to our 0800 “freephone” number from mobile phones and some networks may be charged. We are happy to call you back if you request us to do so.

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